James GRAY   Conservative MP for North Wiltshire

How can any of us focus on anything other than the tectonic and horrific events happening round the world? The sickening brutality of the murders in Tunisia, Kuwait and France are beyond words. It is nothing to do with Islam, which is a religion of peace. It is sheer murdering wickedness and we must not give it any kind of credence or respectability by linking it with any global movement or cause. Our hearts locally go out to the family and friends of Eileen Swannack from Biddestone and John Welch from Pickwick who so sadly were amongst the victims.

The brutal atrocity also has earth-moving consequences in terms of security, hastening the vast population movements in the Middle East and across the Mediterranean, for Tunisia, which was the one bright spot in North Africa and in so many other ways. We must defeat Daesh, as they should be called, rather than the self-justifying “Islamic State,” whether that be by diplomatic, financial, or military means. The organisation is a cancer which must be cut from the Middle Eastern body politic.

Greek bankruptcy is inevitable, and probably the only real solution from every standpoint. They can only stay in the Euro if they give up the very democracy of which their country was the midwife. Subjecting themselves to the demands of the Germans, and giving up the peoples’ right to decide is a complete abdication of that very democracy. You can’t both be part of an empire and yet maintain your own sovereignty and decision-making. Empires which artificially try to bind together 500,000 peoples of a huge geographic and ethnic and cultural diversity are doomed to failure. The Romans and the Greeks themselves tried it; then we Brits; the Nazis, the Soviets.

Now it is the Eurocrats who think they can rule us all from Brussels. It is an agenda just as doomed to failure as the others, and Grexit is but the start of its disintegration. That is why David Cameron’s renegotiation of the terms of our membership is so important. He himself used the words “common market” in the House this week. That is what we want - a free trade area across the continent of Europe, and nothing else. And if he cannot secure that from the Euro-Imperialists, then he must make it clear that we will leave.

The world is truly in turmoil. It is at times like this that we need clear heads, determination and leadership. David Cameron and the team around him have that in spades. In the face of violence and disruption of the kind we have seen in the last week, we must all support him, our brilliant armed services, our intelligence agencies, border police and all of the organs of state order in the difficult and challenging work which lies ahead for them.

If you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs…