James GRAY   Conservative MP for North Wiltshire

EU Referendum jgTomorrow, you will be voting in one of the most important elections in a generation. There are five main reasons why I hope that you will join me in voting to leave the EU.

  1. I want our laws back. More than 50% of the laws and regulations which affect our everyday lives come from the EU and are enforceable in the European courts. Well I say that Westminster should be the sole authority over all of us – run by MPs who can be voted out if you don’t like what we do.
  2. I want our money back. £350 million a week, (albeit some of it rebated, and some more coming back to us with spending strings attached to it) should be spent not by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, but by our Chancellor in Parliament.
  3. I want our borders back. A net total of 300,000 people come here every year. It should be we in Parliament who decide how many immigrants we should have, who they are, and what they do when they get here, not the EU.
  4. I want our age-old right to be global traders back. Why should it be that we cannot agree trade agreements through the World Trade Organisation? We do not need unelected Brussels commissioners to help our international trade, (and anyhow they are not much good at it.)
  5. I want our Sovereignty back. I believe that an island of 65 million people with one history and culture is a good and stable unit of government. A Continent of 500 million people cannot be held together by a centralised bureaucracy, and nor should it.

So I hope that voters in North Wiltshire and across England will ignore the absurd Project Fear which seems to be the only weapon in the Remain side’s armoury. It is patronising scaremongering. I’d say that Sir James Dyson knows a bit more what he is talking about in business terms, so let’s dismiss the foolish economic worries they have tried to spread.

Ours is a great Nation. We have the fifth largest economy in the world and the fourth largest military. We can stand on our own two feet. We invented Parliamentary democracy, yet have allowed it to be undermined by our membership of the unelectable EU.

Let us BeLeave in Britain!