Speaking during Questions to the Prime Minister earlier today, North Wiltshire MP James Gray asked the Prime Minister to join him in reassuring the country that despite yesterday’s announcement that Dyson was to move its corporate headquarters to Singapore, their commitment to the UK , and to North Wiltshire remains undiminished as evidenced by their £240m combined investment into the UK.

Mr Gray said:

“Will the Prime Minister join me in reassuring the people of North Wiltshire and, indeed, the nation that, despite yesterday’s announcement that he is to move his corporate headquarters and two senior executives to Singapore, the commitment of Dyson to Britain remains undiminished, as evidenced by the £200 million he is investing in his research and development site at Hullavington and by the £40 million he is investing in the engineering and design college at Malmesbury? He is totally and utterly committed to Great Britain, and yesterday’s announcement has no effect at all on that commitment.“

Responding, the Prime Minister said Dyson would continue to have a long-term future in the UK having trebled their workforce over the last five years.

Mrs May said:

“Dyson is clear that it will continue to have a long-term future in the UK, and it has trebled its workforce to 4,800 over the past five years. Of course, what matters to companies like Dyson is having a Government who are unapologetically pro-business, which this Government are, and a Government who are ensuring that our balanced economic policy sees increasing employment, exports and foreign direct investment in UK companies at record highs.”