During Questions for the Secretary of State for the Home Department at the House of Commons on Monday, North Wiltshire MP James Gray spoke up for long-term care workers. Mr Gray stated:

“The National Health Service depends on nurses of course, and we must welcome the Government’s announcement of the removal of the £30,000 pay cap from nurses. That makes a great deal of sense, but does the Secretary of State also agree that the long-term care industry equally depends, to a very significant degree, on people from the European Union? Will he not consider, equally, removing the cap for long-term care workers?”

The Home Secretary, Sajid David supported Mr Gray’s statement, responding that:

“I hope that my hon. Friend welcomes a change that we have already made to the tier 2 system for non-European economic area workers, when, last year, we exempted nurses and doctors from that cap. As far as the new system is concerned, he is right to raise this issue, and that is why, as we set out in the White Paper, there is a process of engagement over this year to make sure that we are listening, including to the care industry.”

Speaking after the debate Mr Gray further added that:

“I feel strongly about supporting long-term care workers from both the EU and around the world. EU citizens are an important part of the economic, cultural and social fabric of our country and their rights needed to be secured. I am therefore very keen to make sure that the new immigration system ensures that EU nationals can continue to perform their vital roles across a range of sectors, in particular the health and care sector.”