During Questions for The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in the House of Commons on Thursday, North Wiltshire MP James Gray praised the role that British institutions have played in tackling climate change. Mr Gray stated:

“One way in which the UK can truly lead the world in this generational battle against climate change is through climate science, in particular polar science. In that respect, I pay tribute to the father of the hon. Member for Cardiff North (Anna McMorrin), after whom the McMorrin glacier in Antarctica is named. Will my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State join me in congratulating ​British scientists in universities and institutions throughout Britain, who make a vast contribution to polar and climate science, and will she, today of all days, pay tribute to the launch of SS David Attenborough from Birkenhead, and perhaps make passing tribute to the great man himself?”

Andrea Leadsom, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy agreed with Mr Gray’s statement, responding that:

“Yes, the RSS David Attenborough—“Boaty McBoatface”—is launching today. I am always delighted to pay tribute to David Attenborough, whose series on Earth and our oceans have brought home to so many people the urgent need for action. I also pay tribute to my hon. Friend the Member for North Wiltshire (James Gray), himself a bit of an Arctic explorer who has done a great deal to highlight climate change, and we should be grateful to him for that.”

The Secretary of State was speaking following the UN climate action summit in New York and stressed that action must be taken to tackle the climate crisis that the planet is facing. This is an issue which James Gray is extremely passionate, and following the debate he added that:

“Climate change is real; it is here; and it is our doing. We must now act- dramatically and decisively- to halt; and then, we hope, reverse it. I am proud of the Government’s record on climate change, but there is always more to do. That is why I am so glad that British scientists and individuals such as David Attenborough are leading the way to tackle this growing problem.”