North Wiltshire MP James Gray has congratulated Alicia Hempleman Adams, who lives in Box in his constituency, for breaking the hot air balloon world record. She achieved the record last week when she flew more than 15,000 feet in the air.

Alicia endured temperatures as low as –30C as she broke the women’s world record for altitude in a small hot air balloon. She flew an AX4 hot air balloon for an hour and 46 minutes at Calgary in Alberta, Canada to achieve the new record. The record was previously held by Irishwoman Pauline Baker, who set the previous record of 14016ft in January 2008.

Mr Gray said that:

“This is a fantastic achievement and Alicia should be extremely proud of the hard work and effort she has put into achieving this goal. It is not easy to beat world records, and this challenge was particularly dangerous, so it is certainly something to celebrate.

I am sure she will continue to work hard and will follow in the footsteps of her renowned explorer father, Sir David Hempleman-Adams. I look forward to seeing what Alicia can achieve next.”