North Wiltshire MP and Commander of the Order of St John, James Gray, spoke in the House of Commons Chamber yesterday during the debate on Defence support for the Covid-19 response. Mr Gray first thanked all military personnel for all they are doing and further asked of the Secretary of State:

“Will he also acknowledge the huge contribution being made by St John Ambulance, which is training up to 30,000 volunteers, to the highest standard, to be vaccinators? Will he ensure that military planners and those on the ground work hand in hand with St John Ambulance, the Red Cross and the Royal Voluntary Service to maximise the contribution they can make?”

Mr Wallace supported Mr Gray’s statement and commended the collaboration between the military and St John Ambulance, responding that:

“It is another example of this not being just about the frontline or the front trench; often the skill we can bring is in looking after 200,000 or 50,000 volunteers and making sure they are used correctly, in the right part of the system. St John Ambulance will be able to deliver a very efficient group of volunteers, because that is its business and we look forward to working with it.”