At Home Office questions on Monday 3rd of July James Gray, Member of Parliament for North Wiltshire once again raised the inappropriate use of the Wiltshire Hotel. Following up on an earlier Question where the Minster for Immigration reiterated his desire to move away from Hotel accommodation James Gray asked:

While I do very much welcome the Minister’s determination to move away from hotels and towards other accommodation, will he give particular attention to the Wiltshire hotel and golf club in my constituency? The number there has gone up: there are now 120 people there, and they are all crammed into very small accommodation. It is not only bad from the point of view of the golf club members and neighbouring long-term residents with them in housing next door, but it is an extremely bad place from the point of view of the asylum seekers. They have nowhere to go and nothing to do. They have no education facilities and no religious facilities. They are stuck in the middle of the countryside with no transport, and it is quite the wrong place for them to be. Will the Minister please give particular attention to the Wiltshire hotel?”

Responding in the House of Commons, Minister for Immigration, Robert Jenrick said:

“I am familiar with the hotel in my hon. Friend’s constituency and the concerns he has raised. I will take a look at that, but as I have said previously, the answer to this challenge is to stop the boats coming in the first place. That is why we all need to support the Illegal Migration Bill. Those who want more hotels would oppose it. The Labour party’s policy will see more hotels, and the shadow Home Secretary will end up with more hotels to her name than Paris Hilton.

James continues to support the Government’s actions to reduce small boat crossings and will continue to push ministers to end the use of the Wiltshire Hotel.