“I was delighted to hear from the NHS that the threat to Sherston’s Tolsey Surgery has been averted, thanks at least in part to people power,” said James Gray, MP for North Wiltshire.

In a conversation with the MP, Sue Harriman, CEO of the Regional Integrated Care Board apologised for the scare which had been caused by one particular document, and undertook that the surgery would not close, nor be amalgamated with Malmesbury; but that instead the ICB would continue to work closely with the Council and other parties towards a brand new surgery in Sherston.

“We can confirm that there are no plans to close Tolsey Surgery or to remove provision of primary care services from the village of Sherston” said Sue Harriman.

“The ICB has been working with Tolsey Surgery for many years to look at securing a sustainable premises solution…[We will] work with the GP partners at Tolsey Surgery, the Parish Council, and Wiltshire Council to finding a cost-effective solution that also ensures high quality primary care is maintained in Sherston, and surrounding towns and villages.”

Commenting James Gray said:

“I am delighted that the ICB have listened to the clearly expressed concerns of hundreds of local residents concerned about apparent proposals to close this popular and well used Surgery. As I said “ destroying the Tolsey would be an act of the worst kind of bureaucratic vandalism; and I pledge to do whatever I can to prevent it.” I am glad that People Power has prevailed, and I will continue to work with the Tolsey Surgery, Wiltshire Council and the Integrated Care Board to ensure a new building and the successful future of the surgery for many years to come.”