What a great day it was when Harry married Meghan. Perfect weather, glorious flowers, huge crowds. The finest venue of all wedding venues, pomp and ceremony yet keeping it personal unstuffy and non-pompous. It really was a cracker. Through it all shone the intensely personal relationship between the two.

In conventional terms nothing could be less predictable. An American divorcee; mixed heritage with a modern blended family which has sadly become estranged. It must be the first time ever that ‘Ms’ was used as a title on a Royal document; and she is after all about a year older than Princess Diana was when she died.

In retrospect taking a blushing 20 year old daughter of an earl and marrying her off to the much older heir to the throne was doomed to fail. But this time it’s different. Despite the unexpected choice, Harry has gone ahead with it. Meghan has overcome what must be her natural nervousness about it all. The two of them are truly matched – in the most modern sort of way; and we all wish them all happiness and a long life together.

I also welcome the transatlantic aspect of the union. I have had the strongest links with America since I was a child- my Father was partly educated there, at Princeton with Albert Einstein, and he used to take us back most years as children. We have a common language, similar laws and constitution; ever-stronger military and intelligence links; and a general outlook on life which is different, but comes from a common root. No matter what you might think about the current US Administration- and we all know its faults- Post-Brexit, I hope that we will look ever more towards America; and the Harry-Meghan union cannot but be helpful in doing so.

One of the oldest traditions of the British aristocracy is to marry American heiresses. Meghan may not be that, but she has a huge amount to offer the people of Britain because of her background and outlook, her charm and general cheerfulness. Harry and Meghan are the living exemplars of the modern-day version of the Special Relationship, and I congratulate the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh for their ability to embrace and welcome change in their family.

We all wish them every happiness for the (complex and challenging) life which lies ahead of them.