There’s a lot of twaddle being talked about Brexit. Here is how I see some of the bigger issues:-

- It will happen. The people voted for it. We will have left the great behemoth in the sky by April, 2019. That cannot – and if you believe in democracy must not- be reversed.

- There is no such thing as a ‘hard’ Brexit, nor a ‘soft’ one, nor a ‘red white and blue one’ nor anything in between. Either we are In the EU or we are Out of it. The ‘Hard Brexit’ name has been devised by the Remain camp to frighten the electorate into thinking that if we leave we are facing poverty, job losses, general catastrophe. (Remember the failed ‘Project Fear’ during the Referendum Campaign? They are still at it.)

- EU workers: We need them. There are 3.8 million in the UK, about 1 million Brits working in the EU, plus large numbers of retired people. Everyone who is in the UK on the day we leave will be allowed to stay; those who have lived here for 5 years or more will essentially get indefinite leave to remain. Thereafter, we will of course want migrant workers - fulfilling essential jobs in agriculture, the NHS, long-term care, the construction industry, to continue to come here. It would be crazy not to do so. But it should be for the UK Government to decide how many are allowed to come in. We will at last have the ability to prevent the 250 million people across the Continent to flood into the UK at their will.

- Worthwhile EU laws, for example, on the environment, and protecting workers rights, will be transferred en masse onto the UK Statute Book. We can then repeal or change bits of it as we wish over the coming years. That will be at the will of the British people, and decided in the UK Parliament at Westminster.

- Trade will at last be a matter for us. How can it be that a great trading and maritime nation such as ours are NOT allowed to make trade deals round the world? Why can we not be members of The World Trade Organisation ourselves? Why should we be prevented from a Trade agreement with the US, for example? As to trade within the EU- well more comes this way than goes that way, so it really should not be a problem for that to continue. We don’t need to be members of the Single market, nor customs union, which prevents proper trading relationships with the rest of the world.

- Money: there will be a divorce settlement, in which we will get rid of our shares in the buildings, pay off long-term employees, sort out pension funds and so on. That is what happens, for example, when two companies de-merge. We must pay our liabilities. Of course we must. But just like a divorce settlement, neither side must be allowed to ‘take the other to the cleaners’. And after that, of course, we will be saving the vast annual payments (Yes- £350milion a week in gross terms.)

- Courts: the European Court of Justice must have no say over our laws. If not, what’s the point of leaving?

So let’s stop worrying about it. We are leaving the EU. There are all sorts of bits and pieces to be sorted out, none of them insuperable. And above all let’s get away from the utter drivel being spouted by some of those who would like to overturn the will of the people, either by staying ‘in’, or even worse making some kind of Machiavellian plot the end result of which would be all the worst bits of the EU, with none of the benefits. Let’s have a clean break, and get on with deciding our own futures.