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Thursday 6 December 2018 Weekly Column

As an MP you routinely try to influence things locally and nationally; you generally support your own political party in Government and support the promises laid out in your Manifesto; you do what you can to help people with their many and varied problems locally. But strange as it may seem it is pretty rare that you have to take a decision of huge importance, almost never a decision of generational, historic, national and international importance. Yet that is what each and every MP is faced with next Tuesday, 11 December.

I am clear, and have very publicly stated, that I will oppose this very flawed plan produced by the Prime Minister. It is the worst of all possible worlds, risks keeping us half-in half-out of the EU and would very probably be a catastrophe for the Union. I will be voting to leave the EU, an organisation against which I have been very committed and clear for very many years. Indeed, I remember when I was a young man voting against joining it in the first place. So it’s not that I am unclear or wavering in any way. I know what my course of action will be, what I believe to be my duty to my constituents (78% of the many hundreds of letters I have received are opposed to this ‘Deal’) and to Britain, the EU and the wider world. I shall be voting with my own convictions and beliefs. I could not live with myself if in some way I compromised them.

Yet that personal certainty does not make it easy. I am very conscious that my vote may well be decisive and have a real effect on the way of life, of every aspect of life, in Britain for years, perhaps decades to come. And I am modest enough to recognise that there is at least a chance I may be wrong. Anyone who would claim to be absolutely certain about any truly historic decision of this sort must have a terrible arrogance.

But just as Churchill and those surrounding him were certain that Chamberlain was wrong to appease Hitler in 1939 with his ‘Peace in our time’ moment; they must have wondered during the long and terrible war which followed whether or not they may have made a mistake when they realised how many millions of lives rested on that decision.

This is a 1939 moment. It’s not an easy nor a carefree moment. It’s a heavy burden indeed. But I will vote with my conscience and my convictions to overturn Theresa May’s shoddy ‘Withdrawal Agreement,” and in favour of a clean and decisive Brexit. I believe with all my heart that that is the right thing to do. But I wholly understand and sympathise with those many constituents who do not agree with me.

I can but pray that I have got it right.

Tuesday 4 December 2018 Latest News

North Wiltshire MP James Gray hosted the launch of a new report, Meeting the Needs of the Serving RAF Community, from the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund in the House of Commons last week. The report finds that the biggest challenges our serving RAF personnel and their partners are experiencing include mental well-being difficulties, social isolation and partner employment opportunities.

The research reached almost 10 per cent of serving RAF personnel and was conducted with

Thursday 29 November 2018 Weekly Column

I am very proud of my daughter, Olivia, (while reserving the right to disagree with her totally on some subjects) who set herself the task of ‘going plastic free’ this year. She’s an artistic environmentalist with NGO Invisible Dust and was without a doubt sitting on my shoulder when I spoke to the 500 or so people attending the brilliantly organised ‘Plastic Unwrapped’ Festival in Malmesbury on Saturday.

It was Sir David Attenborough’s truly iconic Blue Planet 2 which more or less

Thursday 22 November 2018 Latest News

This year the annual Christmas lights switch on in Royal Wootton Bassett will include a variety of acts including The Carnival Royalty, RWBA Dancers and the Local Youth Network to name but a few.

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council and organiser, Lisa Williams, have launched a fundraising effort in order to show the event on a screen for all to see. Local MP, James Gray, has voiced his support for the cause:

“This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the community together and

Monday 19 November 2018 Latest News

It is vitally important that my constituents should be kept fully up to date on my views at this great moment in our history. I have received many hundreds of letters in the aftermath of last week's momentous events. The interesting thing is that with the exception of a few arch loyalists, who are (quite rightly) impressed by Theresa May's stoicism and determination in the face of deadly enemy fire; with the exception of them, every single letter - from Brexiteer, Remainers and a broad

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