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A strong experienced voice for North Wiltshire
I offer long-standing experience and a track record as a successful, hard-working and caring representative of North Wiltshire in Parliament.
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Tuesday 16 January 2018 Latest News

James Gray MP - Defence DebateNorth Wiltshire MP James Gray has called for defence spending to rise towards three per cent during last week’s defence debate in Parliament. Speaking in the House of Commons on Thursday, Mr Gray said:

“If we do not find a way of increasing our defence spending towards the 3% that many of us in the Chamber want, I fear that we will not be doing our duty. We will not be doing what our people send us here to do, and we will not be putting in place the correct way to defend our nation.”

Mr Gray also warned against any reduction in the current capabilities of the Armed Forces:

“If any such cuts were to take place - if HMS Bulwark were to go, for example, or if 1,000 people were to be cut from the Royal Marines - I want to make it plain that we would not go along with any such proposals from the Government.”

Finally, Mr Gray expressed his concerns about the current National Security Capability Review. Led by Mark Sedwill, National Security Adviser, the review is aimed at examining, across government, the policy and plans to deliver the National Security Strategy and to ensure that any investment in the required capabilities is efficient and effective. Defence is just one of thirteen individual strands considered. Mr Gray said:

“To have a national security review mixed in with a strategic defence review, and happening at a time that is not contingent with the national spending review, seems to be absolutely pointless and, indeed, substantially misleading.”

“It would seem perfectly logical and sensible, when carrying out a review, to start with the Foreign Office assessing the risk. The Cabinet Office should follow that by determining how much of that risk is to do with us—with policing or with cyber, for example. Those conclusions should then go to the Ministry of Defence, which would identify the threats to the nation and decide what to do about them. Subsequently, the Treasury should say, ‘Fine, that is what you want to do about the threat. Here is how we are going to find the money for it.’ ”

“I would like to see the defence part of the review separated out. It ought to be happening in the autumn of this year, at the same time as the Budget, in case we need more money to do what the Foreign Office says we ought to be doing.”

Thursday 11 January 2018 Weekly Column

“It’s not the size that matters….It’s what you do with it.” I have to admit that I have never been at all sure what that little saying means. But it certainly applies to Mr Trump’s Nuclear Button. Bragging that “his is bigger than Mr Kim’s” is, of course, a demonstrably foolish thing to say. Everyone knows that America has vastly greater nuclear capability than North Korea. But one small N Korean nuke in Midtown Manhattan would spell catastrophe in world affairs for generations to come. I

Monday 8 January 2018 Latest News
Bring Back Britannia

North Wiltshire MP James Gray has backed the campaign for a new royal yacht to project the UK's unique soft power and influence around the globe now that we are leaving the European Union.

Mr Gray said:

“Now is the time to consider how post-Brexit Britain projects herself on the world stage.”

“The view of many people

Thursday 4 January 2018 Weekly Column

January is generally assumed to be named after the Roman God, Janus who was the God of all beginnings. So he becomes the God of light, the sun, the moon, time, movement, the year, as well as doorways and bridges. He represents the middle ground between barbarism and civilisation, town and country, youth and age. All of that is symbolised in his two-faced image – looking back and looking forward, which of course is very much the flavour of thought and sentiment this week.


Thursday 28 December 2017 Weekly Column

The way that Christmas fell this year means that I can save my New Year message for next week. You will be reading this on or about 28th December. It’s the fourth day of Christmas, with four calling birds appearing at my true love’s front door.

But did you know that the 12 days of Christmas are in fact a code devised in the sixteenth century to allow a kind of catechism during the period when Roman Catholicism was outlawed? The Twelve drummers are twelve points of

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